Here's the thing: we love comics.  We love FUN comics.  And we love our superheroes.  

So we decided to just make some fun comics featuring one of the finest heroes around: Aquaman.  Born from the brain of Stephen Winchell, and eventually assisted into life by Shawn Bowers, the Unsinkable Aquaman is a tribute to the biggest stud on the beach.  

Oh, and for the record: these are totally and completely unofficial fan comics.  We're in no way affiliated with DC Comics and we aren't selling anything.   If, however, someone from DC Comics would LIKE us to be affiliated with them and make some comics, hey, maybe email us at UnsinkableAquaman@gmail.com!


Stephen Winchell is a Chicago based writer and cartoonist. His comic Natty, about a fed-up young woman reacting to misogyny with absurd violence, launched in June 2017 and updates every Tuesday and Thursday. He has co-written several plays, including the HIT radio play "Death Comes to Duke's: A Marty Crane Mystery" with the good Mr. Bowers. You can follow Stephen on Twitter

Shawn Bowers is a writer and artist from Chicago, IL.  He recently completed the Pokemon/Garfield mashup series Garfemon, and generally focuses way too hard on Garfield-based art.  He also co-wrote the HIT radio play "Death Comes to Duke's: A Marty Crane Mystery" with the good Mr. Winchell. You can follow Shawn on Instagram or Twitter or check out more of his projects at ShawnBowers.com

We love getting emails and you can email us at UnsinkableAquaman@gmail.com

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